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M E L T I N G   U N I V E R S E

Melting Universe is a female experimental sound program presented to you by Meduse MagiQ collective. A series of sonic dialogues by some of our favorite sound witches.

The first edition consists of two sound performances by Jessica Moss and Monica Tormell. All editions will be taking place at our headquarters, The Dok, in Amsterdam.



Montreal violinist best known as a permanent member of Silver Mt Zion. May 2017 heralds Jessica Moss’ first official full-length solo release. Comprised of two side-length multi-movement compositions, Pools Of Light is a stunning work that unfolds at a stately, inexorable pace, combining sound-art and signal-processed timbres, extended melodic and contrapuntal lines, and the periodic deployment of stark, minimalist vocals. Recorded with kindred spirit Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and released on the only label home she knows, Jessica says she “is feeling fucking grateful to be doing what I’m doing right now” and hopes to see you on the road.



MOON & SUN is a semi-abstract audiovisual journey on the verge of apocalypse and universal hope. Through several visual layers and dimensions, a surreal landscape is created, blending the digital and the analogue, the figurative and the abstract, the real and the unreal. It is not a window we are looking out of but a world we travel in.


Wake up the stones

Tell them it’s time

We’re stuck in a scission

upside down

Call upon whirlwinds

Spin us around

Shake up the fretful

Now is the time

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