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Meduse MagiQ presents Melting Universe #2: NEVER TEMPLE
a performance by LordAUK & WTCH CNTRL
06.11.2018, Dokzaal Amsterdam Everything is transient, nothing is permanent. Like a dream, figures appear, become formless, disassociated from all context then become part of a larger interwoven soundscape. Sound is offered as a way to heal and destroy your soul Entropic nature and sound waves force you to go within and look for meaning. ‘How to build a better world?’. The life in which surrealism is reality and you finally meet your inner child resting in the arms of LordAUK and WTCH CNTRL. Never temple is for the i-age. It's psychic therapy for your higher self. A place to reflect through refraction.

“The sense of the real disappears behind a blur of images. The images dominate our

behavior, our perception and our judgments of truth. We try to come closer to reality as

we feel it, perhaps a purer form of reality. We look for elements in our own fantasy and

relate them to the fantasy of others. It becomes possible to start a process

of communication. A new community is invented. Within this community everyday-

elements are highlighted in a new perspective. We strongly believe in the power of

subconscious communication - or the strength of the subconscious to influence

communication and change one’s view of the self and the other.”


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”



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